Sunday, March 4, 2012

Instructions (and the Dream)

This blog has arisen out of a twitter conversation. A conversation that pointed out the lack of young voices in the conversations that will be shaping our church. After this discussion, I posted on young delegate to General Conference facebook group, so see if other felt the same way- like young voices were lacking. The response was a subtle yes. Ideas began to be shared about what a response might look like, and one idea was a blog. So this site was formed, as a place for young people from all over our church to share their perspective and their voice.

I (Rachel) personally believe that young voices are greatly needed as we talk about the future of the church. We are leaders now, but we will also be the people to inherit the choices that people make now. The new structure that is selected, we will need to live with not only for four years, but perhaps for forty. As other member of our church move out of leaders, or on to glory many of the young people will remain. 

Additionally, as a church we speak a lot of wanting young people to attend and be involved. If we seek to engage young people in our churches, we should start by inviting them into the conversation.  We can start here by paying attention to the voice of the young. 

As a young adult, I seek to claim my space in this conversation, and I hope others will join me. This grassroots movement perhaps will help us speak to the church about the future we would like to live into as United Methodist, but more importantly as Christians.

(for more details on the lack of young people input check out this blog on Hacking Christianity:

Questions have arisen about who is able to write on the blog. The quick answer is anyone who identifies as a young person in the United Methodist Church (we can flexible about the UMC part). This blog is intended to be an outreach tool, and a space for young people to have their voices heard. Often our churches say they want the voices of young people, but do not space for those voices. This is a chance for us to empower ourselves and demand to be heard.

That being said I need your help, I need people to share this blog with their friends to increase readership. I also need folks to consider if they have something they want to say, and write a post for the blog. 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few questions to consider:

1)    The question of the church’s lack of relevance is a main reason given for the proposals for change coming to General conference.  How do you see the lack of relevance and what do you think it will take to make the church more relevant?

2) When you pray fully consider the type of change the UMC needs, what is it?

3) What is your hope and dream for the future of the church?

4) Do you find the voice and perspective of young people present in the Call to Action or other proposals for restructuring? (why or why not)

5) What parts of the Call to Action report do you like?

6) What about the Call to Action do you find problematic, or what might be missing?

All posts are welcome.
All voices may find space here.
  I do ask that people be respectful of other’s opinions, and that you only speak for yourself (please avoid generalizations).
You may email post to Rachel.BR86 at

Please help to uplift the voices of young people by reading and posting in this space. 

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